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BIPAP Machine



BIPAP Machine

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BIPAP Machine

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What is a BIPAP machine?

BiPAP stands for biLevel Positive Airway Pressure. It is recommended to pa-tients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) . This machine is of critical importance to COPD patients can it is designed to deliver the prescribed pressure of oxygen into the lungs while the patient is asleep. Without the machine there can be obstructive events and due no enough oxygen not being able to pass through the airways, there can be serious consequences. These devices assist the patients to get a sound sleep without any breathing obstruction.

OSA patients are generally prescribed CPAP machines to help them breathe regularly and effortlessly during sleep. However, in more critical cases, the patients’ respiratory system is so weak that it is unable to support breathing against the constant pressure delivered by a CPAP. In such cases, the BiPAP can deliver oxygen at reduced pressures during the exhalation process. Thus, it assists the patients in exhaling.

How does a BIPAP machine work?

The BiPAP machine has two different pressures:
• IPAP pressure - Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure- the pressure delivered by the device which will be higher during the inspiration phase
• EPAP - Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure - the pressure delivered by the device which will be lower upon the exhalation phase

When the patient inhales while sleeping, the device increases the pressure so as to maintain the airways open. Simultaneously, to enable a comfortable breathing pattern, the device will lower the pressure upon the exhalation process. In this way, the patient can effortlessly breathe out without struggling with the high prescribed pressure that is required only for inhalation. According to the pressure setting that can be prescribed after the patient’s sleep study, the BiPAP device can be set to enable breaths a given number of times per minute (Timed breathing setting). In severe respiratory cases, the BiPAP is much more efficient and comfortable for the patient than the single prescribed pressure CPAP machine.

Which patients are recommended BiPAP machine?

To some heart patients, such as in case of congestive heart failure, physicians prescribe the use of a BiPAP device. Also, patients with complex lung or heart-related diseases can also benefit from BiPAP assisted breathing therapy. Patients suffering from muscle and nerve related health issues will also benefit better from the use of a BiPAP machine. Overall, patients with more advanced and severe cases of OSA will require highly efficient mechanism during their breathing which can be delivered only by a BiPAP machine.

How Respikart can help you?

We offer the widest range of BiPAP machines and masks, however it is advised to get your doctor’s recommendation before using a machine. Our trained and highly experienced technicians are there to provide you hassle free service the your doorsteps. You can rent or buy the machine as per your convenience. Per day paid machine trails are also possible with Respikart. We believe in nurturing customer relations and thus, we offer 24*7 support to our customers in case they have any queries or in case the machine is not working properly. For a hassle free experience please call us on 844-844-0648 or email your re-ferral to us at contact@respikart.com and one of our customer care executives will contact you the same day for assistance.