Health Benefits of CPAP Machines

Health Benefits of Cpap Machines

What is CPAP?

CPAP therapy is a simple treatment method to treat patients who have moderate to severe sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which the person’s breathing gets disrupted during sleep. The patients who experience sleep apnea could not get proper sleep as their lungs collapse during sleep as it could not blow enough air pressure into the lungs.

CPAP machines pump mild air pressure into the nasal passages use to keep the airways open, and avoid any obstructions in the passage. This is used by patients who have breathing problems during sleep and to do away with this problem it is the best treatment. Cpap can be used for patients of any age group and it can be safely used even by children.

Who is it for?

CPAP therapy is called continuous positive airway pressure therapy and is wide of the recommended for patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea can be a cause of worry for both males and females though it often affects males. In this condition, enough air does not reach your lungs. CPAP therapy is also used to treat those children whose lungs have not fully developed as in the case of premature children. The Cpap machine mildly pushes air into the baby’s nose to help him breathe by inflating the lungs.

You are more likely to catch sleep apnea if you are overweight, have crossed the age of 40 years, have a large neck size, have a family history of sleep apnea, or developed nasal obstruction due to sinus problems or any kind of allergy.

sleep technologists can help you with the settings that can work best for you after you are prescribed a Cpap machine by your doctor. The technologist’s make sure that the air pressure from the machine is exactly what it needs to keep your airway open while you sleep.

Every patient adjusts differently to the Cpap sleep apnea machine so we can say that the adjustment process for CPAP therapy is different for every patient. Some patients adjust with it within a few days while others may take months with it.

Several health risk prevention-

It has already been stated that Cpap machines are used to treat sleep apnea which can lead to other serious consequences. So, in a way, it prevents other health risks that come with sleep apnea. Some of them are:

Heart Diseases

During the sleep apnea, the sleep of the patient gets disrupted due to breathing problems. In this whole process many a time the breathing stops in between that is a serious condition as it causes changes in your blood pressure and at the same time reduces oxygen levels in your blood. All this leads to a lot of strain on your heart. Therefore treating sleep apnea reduces the risk of heart ailments.

According to a survey people have a higher rate of death from heart disease more if they have sleep apnea which goes untreated.  Thus, there is a lot of possibilities that if the sleep apnea is treated as prescribed by the doctor it can save you from heart ailments which include congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and irregular heartbeat.


Stroke is the leading cause of death and long term disability so it goes unsaid if the patient with sleep apnea is treated properly then it might be possible that he will not suffer from a stroke. A stroke happens when a person experiences blockage or rupture in the blood vessels that is leading to the brain which in turn leads to non-functioning of the brain.


Sleep apnea is related to the intolerance of glucose and the resistance of insulin. Thus, if not treated can lead to type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, Cpap treatment can regulate insulin levels and this helps in prevention from diabetes.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can also become a cause of worry with an untreated sleep apnea patient. A sudden drop in oxygen level during sleep apnea can cause blood pressure to increase. This, in turn, can strain the whole cardiovascular system.

Benefits of CPAP Therapy

  1. Keeps you more alert during the daytime

The Cpap therapy can keep you more alert as it will prevent sleepiness and fatigue during daytime due to sufficient sleep. It will bring your body back to the normal sleeping pattern and increases your total time of sleep. This will result in making you feel more refreshed during the daytime.

  1. Increases Concentration

If you want your brain tissue to remain healthy then it is very necessary to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep during the night. If you will sleep properly at night it will keep you happy and refreshed and this will lead to a better concentration level. This will, in turn, make you more productive and stop you from making small mistakes or big blunders at work.

  1. Emotional stability

Sleep apnea can be a cause of emotional instability and can lead you to depression. This can really ruin your mental health and you can have abnormal mood swings.

  1. Snoring

Sleeping is an integral activity of every person’s life. Disruptive breathing pattern leads to snoring. If sleep apnea is treated with Cpap therapy this can reduce or sometimes even eliminate the problem of snoring. This will give you and your partner a happy sleep and a happy mood in the morning.

  1. Save you from unnecessary medical expenses

As we all know that untreated sleep apnea can lead to a suite of diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, migraine, heart ailments, and diabetes. To treat these diseases one needs to visit the doctor. To avoid such health issues it will be better to treat sleep apnea with proper therapy using a Cpap sleep apnea machine.

  1. Save you from road accidents

You are more prone to road accidents with untreated sleep apnea as it will lead to less concentration, daytime drowsiness, and fatigue. This can land you in a fatal situation to the extent of taking our life.

  1. Better sex life

Erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men and it is very closely related to irregular sleep patterns. By having a healthy and normal sleeping pattern you can have a better sex life which in turn nurtures your lifestyle.

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