How to Use Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrator is for people who are suffering from breathing problems and have lung diseases due to low level of oxygen in their blood.

This portable oxygen machine runs on battery and if it gets discharged it can be charged easily by plugging it into the electrical outlet. These portable oxygen machines are portable and can be used anywhere while driving or doing any kind of activities.

How Portable oxygen concentrator works –

The mechanism of portable oxygen concentrator is very simple. It gathers natural air from surroundings and environment containing oxygen as well as nitrogen and purifies it by reducing the amount of nitrogen so that it can be full of oxygen and then passes to patients.

According to Wikipedia, “the basic setup consists of miniaturized air compressor, a cylinder filled with containing the sieve, a pressure equalizing reservoir and valves as well as tubes.”

For first half or first cycle, the nitrogen molecules gets absorbed by filter which is made from silicate granules and when it’s done absorbing nitrogen then it passes to pressure equalizing reservoir to valves and tubes for the patient to receive it.

Due to the presence of 21 percent of oxygen & 78 percent of nitrogen, natural air is used.

The amount of oxygen depends on the patient’s needs and doctor’s recommendation.

In addition to this, this machine consists of several sieve beds as well as filters which helps in purifying air and provide oxygen through a mask by patient. On the other hand, machine consists of an in-built cooling mechanism which prevents it from over-heating.

Some of the features Portable Oxygen Machine –

These machines are mobile –

Some of the new portable oxygen machines are lightweight as well as compact and can be used anywhere like during picnic, car rides, walking, driving or while doing any other activities.

Helps in increasing stamina –

Due to low oxygen levels in blood, energy level decreases. Then taking oxygen therapy helps in getting stamina and boost energy levels which helps to perform daily normal functions.

Helps in getting quality sleep –

For people suffering from COPD, CIPAP patients, or any sort of lung disease oxygen therapy helps in getting quality sleep which is essential for overall health.

Here are some portable oxygen concentrator available on rent –

Philips Respironics Dorma 500 Auto CPAP Machine –

This is one of the most commonly used Philips CPAP machine available on rent.

Its oxygen pressure ranges from 4 to 20 cm. In addition to this, it allows spontaneous breathing to positive airways for sleep apnea patients.

The interesting part of this CPAP machine is it monitors patient’s breathing while they are in sleep and automatically adjust the pressure according to the needs as this helps in reducing patients efforts and improving their comforts while reducing any sorts of noise.

You can get this at best prices from online stores. These machines are genuine and are proved for the comforting the patients.

Philips BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex –

This is also most commonly used bipap machine available on rent at best prices for COPD patients.

It allows sleep therapy system which includes a pressure range of 4- 25 cm.

The reason why it is more in demand is because it provides a bi-level therapy i.e., high pressure while inhalation and low pressure on exhalation for more natural quality sleep experience for patients.

In addition to this, it comes with resistance control technologies which help in adjusting different mask styles and advanced therapy tracking with automatic event detection and reporting.

It is compatible with CPAP as well as BIPAP masks for patients and it comes with a power supply of AC power 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz with auto-sensing features.

It comes at best prices and you can get this at online store but make sure to consult your doctor before using it.


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