Why is Renting an Oxygen Concentrator Beneficial than Purchasing?

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen therapy is prescribed to the patients dealing with issues related to lung problems that include low oxygen saturation while sleeping, shortness of breath (dyspnea), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or low blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia). So if you are wondering what should be the right step whether to buy or get an oxygen concentrator on rent? Then you need to weigh the pros and cons of both before taking the final call. 

Who Is Prescribed Portable Oxygen?

Portable oxygen is used by people suffering from low blood oxygen levels. This can happen due to COPD, asthma, any infection, or surgery. The sellers ask for the prescription before giving the portable concentrator. It is necessary that a qualified physician diagnose the problem and prescribe for the portable concentrator and the exact amount one needs. Nowadays you can easily get these oxygen machines on rent.

What Is A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A portable oxygen concentrator is equipment that you can carry around with you. It is not like old oxygen tanks or stationary concentrators that used to be very heavy and could not be easily carried.  Today’s portable oxygen machines are lightweight to carry it anywhere and look stylish too.

An oxygen concentrator is a type that delivers oxygen to the individuals. The oxygen concentrator draws air from the surrounding and filters it.  It then compresses the air according to the density required and delivers purified oxygen to the patient.

It also has filters that remove Nitrogen from the air so that completely purified oxygen is delivered to the patient. You can also adjust the levels of oxygen concentration and delivery settings as it comes with advanced technology. The patient can inhale oxygen through the mask and boost blood oxygen levels.

Things to Know before you decide to rent or buy

Before you decide to rent or buy a concentrator, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Be sure of your need before going for a portable oxygen concentrator so that you can make sure you chose the right one.
  • Make sure of your need for oxygen and for that you should consult your doctor.   Different people have different needs as some people need it continuously, some only while sleeping, or in the morning, during exercise, or while walking.
  • Finally, be sure whether you need a pulse or continuous flow as one supplies it when needed and the other continuously and acts accordingly.

 Some other considerations: 

  • The kind of batteries needed and how frequently you should charge and when to replace them.
  • Be sure of the warranty and the period of warranty
  • Be sure that the unit is FAA approved if you fly frequently
  • Be sure of the cleaning part and the maintenance it needs.
  • The volume level that can be disturbing if it’s too loud
  • The size and weight of the unit as most portable concentrators are small enough and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The accessories that are included in it. As some companies offer spare batteries, cannula, and even a carrying case as these are important. If it is not included then you need to buy them. 

Pros and Cons of Renting a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

 Renting a Portable Oxygen Concentrator can be a good choice for the following reasons:

  • The purpose you need it for. If it is for a short span like post-surgery, or when you are going on a flight.
  • Some places renting is a flexible option and thus lets you extend the rental period as .per the need.
  • If you want to try out the model before investing money in it so that you get sure of it.
  • If your insurance covers the cost of renting
  • If the supplier offers you some amazing deals like maintenance or savings on spare batteries.

Renting a Portable Oxygen Concentrator may not be a good choice for the following reasons:

  • If the need for the oxygen concentrator is for a longer period or a permanent solution for the patient then the cost of renting will go waste and sometimes exceed the cost of buying the oxygen concentrator. 
  • Some suppliers do not give lucrative offers like renting of accessories.
  • Paying the rental for it after every week or month can be burdensome and stressful psychologically.
  • You need to take extra precautions with a renting device as you need to return it in the same condition that is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Buying a Portable Oxygen Concentrator can be a good choice for the following reasons:

  • If you know that you need the concentrator for a longer period that can exceed more than 6 months.
  • If you are aware of the model that you are about to buy because you may have used it before or you got the feedback from people who have used it.
  • If you want to own the equipment so that it can be used in the future also if needed.
  • If the manufacturer includes accessories and makes it worth the money you spent.
  • If the supplier is giving you a good financial deal.

Renting a Portable Oxygen Concentrator may not be a good choice for the following reasons:

  • Paying the cost of buying a concentrator at one go can be burdensome
  • If you need oxygen concentrator for a small period of time
  • If the suppliers do not offer maintenance on sold units.
  • If the machine you bought does not meet your needs then your money can go wasted.

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