6 Best Bipap Machines Available for Rent in Delhi NCR

Bipap Machines for Rent in Delhi NCR

What is a Bipap machine?

When we breathe normally our lungs expand while breathing which is caused by diaphragm muscle that is responsible for breathing. In this process, the air pressure in the tubes and sacs of the lung gets dropped which sucks oxygenated air into your lung.

There are some medical conditions in which the process of respiration is not normal. To counter this problem a Bipap machine is used which is a bi-level positive airway pressure. It is a type of ventilator that helps with breathing. Gone are the times when the patient has to go to the hospital to get through with these problems. No surgical procedure like intubation or tracheostomy is required during Bipap therapy you can avail the treatment very much in your home.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used for lung and respiratory problems caused by complex lung or heart-related diseases that make breathing difficult.

How does the Bipap machine work?

If you are suffering from COPD you may experience labored breathing in which one feels shortness of breath. If this condition gets worsened then you may require the help of Bipap machines.

Bipap machines are tabletop devices which are a type of positive pressure ventilator fitted with tubing and a mask. You just need to wear the mask over your nose or mouth to get air into your lungs. You receive two ways of pressure, one pressure level is delivered when you inhale, and another pressure is delivered when you exhale. When you are sleeping you experience more resistance in breathing as it totally relies on your nervous system.

Bipap machines are “smart” machines that adapt to your respiratory patterns. It automatically resets the level of pressurized air to help you with your breathing pattern. It is generally used during the night to keep your airways open. It supplies air into your airways when you breathe in and breathe out.

The best Bipap machines available for rent in Delhi NCR-

  1. Philips Respironics Dream Station Bipap Pro with Humidifier

This Philips Bipap machine looks completely different from the others and is a very effective one in the market.

Main Features

  • The machine has a stylish design. It is perfect for traveling as it is small and light. The features can be easily navigated.
  • This allows patients to start their therapy quickly and it is very easy. It acclimates slowly and gradually while you fall asleep.
  • It gets easily connected to any android and apple machine because of its good connectivity.
  • Every morning it shows the summary of your progress which helps you to check your progress easily.


  1. Bipap Auto Systemone 60 Series

This Bipap Auto Systemone series is an intelligent solution that ensures effective and optimum sleep therapy.

Main Features

  • It comes with humidity and resistance control.
  • Automatic display: It ensures an automatic display of data on the screen.
  • Compact and lightweight design: It is very lightweight hence can be easily carried.
  • Quiet operation: It makes less noise and thus does not deprive you of sleep.


  1. Blue Neck BMC Resmart G II Auto Bipap Machine

This is an extremely advanced machine in terms of technology.  It automatically tracks a patient’s respiratory system with its sensor mode.

Main Features

  • With its innovative system, it tracks the patient’s data. This ensures accurate and reliable data.
  • It gets adjusted as per the patient’s needs.
  • It has an automatic on/off button.
  • Its alarm system warns the patient whenever anything goes wrong.
  • It has a unique feature that will protect from humidity hazard.
  • You can review the data information every day.
  • It has colored LCD screen to see whatever is happening. The pressure levels can be easily controlled with this screen.
  • For optimal humidity and temperature control, it has an Eco heating technique.
  • It has a QR code, App Store and Google Play.
  • It does not cause any disruptions to people.


  1. Respro Bipap S with Humidifier Bipap Machine

This machine is designed to be used by patients who have spontaneous respiration.

Main Features

  • With its Auto ramp technology, you do not have to keep setting and re-setting the ramp all the time.
  • It has an LED screen that allows you to see all that you want the machine to do which makes it very easy to use even for elderly users.
  • It comes with all the accessories like a full-face mask, a carry bag, a heated humidifier, and a hosepipe.
  • It can be used for both CPAP and Bipap. This is perfect for people who suffer from both conditions.
  • It has built-in internet connectivity that gets connected to Android as well as Apple devices.
  • The heated humidifier helps in pressurizing the air to stop throat infections.


  1. Oxylink Bipap Auto Machine

Oxylink is designed for comfort and reliability as it is automatic and adjusts the pressure settings as per your requirements.

 Main Features

  • Its auto ramp facility allows the patient to fall asleep gently and comfortably without taking care of the pressure levels.
  • It is very quiet in its operations and creates no noise.
  • It comes with some pre-set modes that make it less complicated.
  • It has an inbuilt humidifier that prevents your throat from getting dry.
  • It can store data that enables you to monitor the progress of the machine and the disease.
  • Through wireless technology, it gets connected to any android or apple machine.


  1. Philips Respironics Bipap Avaps Noninvasive Ventilator

Philips is the most trusted brand in India. The Philips Bipap Noninvasive Ventilator provides comfort and pressure ventilation and is a quiet machine.

Main Features

  • It automatically gets adapted to disease progression and simplifies the whole process.
  • It streamlines reports, identifies any adjustments and allows patients to select parameters to export the data.
  • The patient will not have dry mouth and throat as it has a heated tube humidifier with a temperature sensor that delivers excellent humidity.
  • There is a Digital auto-track that helps with leak detection.
  • It is embedded with a resistance control system that will help you become very comfortable while using the machine with simple settings.
  • Bi-flex technology relieves pressure for patient comfort.
  • It has advanced data interpretation software that tracks your day to day breathing and gives you a report.
  • It gets easily connected with most Android and Apple devices.

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